Monday, 26 March 2012

Nail Art Contest, first entry!

I've always been much too shy in terms of my nail art to really put myself out there and have it all on display. Obviously, I have a lot of learning left to do, and my pictures probably leave a bit to be desired (my boyfriend took these two pictures! He was being grumpy and rushed me).

My friend Rebecca, as many of you know, has a popular nail art blog (almost 3000 followers, wow!) and she had decided to host a nail art contest. So, I've really tried this time! I'm not certain if many will like my entry or if it will win, but since the theme was Rebecca's favourite things, I decided to go all out. I'd like to think I know Rebecca pretty well, and short of putting Jared Padalecki on my nails, I figured these were the next best things!

So in the nail art contest entry post Rebecca cites the theme as being "her favourite things", some of which include: gradients, animal print, bows, dots, and hello kitty. I decided to use Rebecca's three favourite colors, which are really easy to figure out, even just by looking at her blog layout. Teal, purple and pink! They became the base of my manicure.

I also have experience with skittles, and know how much Rebecca likes them, too! I would post a link to one of her entries about skittles as proof, but it is not working for me right now :)

I also know that Rebecca loves glitter, and with all these things in mind I set out and created this!

It's disappointing that you can't see the holographic effect on my pinky finger. I created a glitter gradient on my thumbs, freehanded the bow on my middle finger with a two-way nail art pen, and hope that the kitty on my pinky can be considered 'animal print' hahaha.

(I'm so sad about my cuticles in this picture :( stupid boyfran!)

My right hand sees another glitter gradient, a cameo by miss kitty!, a polka dot gradient that I am actually pretty proud of, holographic cheetah index, and another little free-handed bow on my pinky. I like this one especially because the bow reminds me of string that people tie around their fingers as reminders!

I hope Rebecca likes my entry, I hope some others do as well. I was really proud of what I had created, it just had to survive a day at work without getting messed up before I took pictures.

So that's my entry! Here's a list of polishes used:
Essie - She's Picture Perfect (purple)
OPI - Pink Friday (pink)
China Glaze - For Audrey (blue)

Wet N' Wild - Black Creme
OPI - Crown Me Already (silver glitter)
OPI - Divine Swine (purple glitter)
Essie - A  Cut Above (pink glitter)
Orly - Prisma Gloss Silver 
Layla Hologram Effect - Mercury Twilight (silver holo)

Hope you enjoy!


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