Wednesday, 5 October 2011

emma likes painting her nails

Milani One Coat Glitter - Red Sparkle, Essie - Russian Roulette, Wet N' Wild - Black Creme
I like it a looottttt.
The idea of painting my nails always appealed to me, especially when I was a little girl. The clean up, the smell, and the feeling of it on my finger nails, however, kept me from ever owning a substantial amount of polish, or from painting my nails every day.

A couple of years ago my good friend Rebecca started getting really into it, and as her collection expanded, her talent increased, and she started herself a pretty popular blog!

I've spent days just staring at the pretty things she does to her nails, and i've been practicing and aquiring pieces here and there towards my own nail polish collection. I think it's pretty safe to say that Emma, just like Rebecca, likes nails.

Now, I am by no means as talented as she, or some of the other bloggers out there. I certainly have fair share of bad nail care practices! My nails are horrible. They split and peel and on one nail a ridge breaks, every single time. I've been working on taking care of my skin-- and my nails-- more and more. I want them to be pretty! especially now that I've bought my first set of stamping plates-- the possibilities for designs are endless!


I used to do a lot of artwork: painting, drawing, sketching, all of it. Lately, I've been more into cooking and crafting ( I still doodle in all my school notes though!) so for me, nails are like tiny little canvasses I get to carry around. I can look at a piece of art whenever I want! It's the perfect medium for me to get out all of this pent up artistic need. Here are a few things I've done, and I'll try to include the names of the polishes! If I can remember them, that is...

This was China Glaze - For Audrey and OPI - Sparrow Me the Drama mixed with white! I like to polka :)

For Audrey, again, with Nicole by OPI's - Silver Texture Coat and freehanded cheetah using a 2-way nail art pen.

I used Nailside's Explosion tutorial to pull this off! OPI - Planks a Lot, Wet N' Wild - Black Creme and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry - Silver Sweep! Can I just say that I was super proud of this? It took me about an hour to do one hand-- and I didn't get lazy either, I did them both! It was hard work. Cowey isn't too impressed by nails though. The polish and acetone smell so bad, she makes faces when she smells it! And if I try to pet her after painting my nails she scurries away. do not want.

And then I started trying half moons! And I think they're awesome. This was For Audrey and Sparrow Me the Drama again. Can you tell what my favourite colours are yet?

Milani One Coat Glitter - Gold Glitz, Wet N' Wild - Black Creme, and the cheetah stamp from Konad m57. yeah, I owned one plate for a while! (thanks Kathryn!)

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields, konad m57 stamped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry - Silver Sweep and Wet N' Wild - Black Creme

For Audrey, stamped with the same zebra print as before using Kleancolor - Metallic Aqua. The coat of armor accent nail was made with Milani Jewel FX - Silver, and quite a bit of free time with a toothpick!
There's a good reason For Audrey is my favourite polish-- it's my favourite colour blue! That's why my Sweet Mint EOS is also my favourite :) This is the same zebra print again, stamped with Silver Sweep over China Glaze - Dorothy Who! I was so happy Rebecca convinced me to get this polish! It's my favourite out of all the glitters I own.

This was my first day getting nail mail! This is China Glaze - FYI from the OMG Collection! The only holo polish I own, and I worship it. I ran out to my front porch to take a picture, I spent days staring at my nails when I had this on! I stamped the pretty curlique from BM07 as accent nails, and on one pinky the cat image from BM04, as a tribute to my cat Mistoffelees who passed away earlier this year! That cat image will probably be the most frequently used from all of my plates!

yeah, I went there. Floral nails on my second day with stamping plates. the colors used are Sally Hansen Insta-Dry: Pink Blink, Blue Away, Presto Pink, and Whirlwind White; and China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover. The rose image comes from BM14
I love this delicate, simple look. This was Essie - Ladylike stamped with Essie - Power Clutch using the leaf outline image from BM11.

I've done a lot of things with my nails, I just haven't documented all of it!
Last night, though, I pumped out these babies:

BAM! YES! There is a little family of owls living on my hand!! (only one hand, laziness did kick in. the other hand is the night sky~)

I first saw this mani on Chalkboard Nails, for the 'Inspired by a Tutorial' day of the 31 day challenge! I fell in love immediately.

I didn't think the owls would look so great if I left the little halfmoons as bare nails, at least on my nails. So, I started with a coat of Black Creme, and then a coat of Nicole - Make a Comet-ment (which is a dupe for OPI - Yule Love This Silver and China Glaze - Fairy Dust!). I thought this kind of made a starry night look, owls are nocturnal after all, right?

The Momma owl was made with a really gross American Apparell brown I have, the colours were separating into orange and pale brown and poop brown, so I had to mix it up before using-- but it was the only brown I have! Yellows are OPI - The 'IT' Color. Other colors are OPI - Ogre the top Blue, OPI - Sparrow Me the Drama and Kleancolor - Mystic Grass. I don't actually own an orange polish, so I got creative and mixed red and yellow, just like in primary school! Go me.

They're crooked, sloppy, not the best looking owls-- but whatever man! There's a family of owls living on my hand! They follow me around everywhere and it's awesome! They remind me a bit of the Owltons!

But poor Momma owl. She was the first one I did, and her eyes are just so crooked, I feel so bad for her!
Hahahahaaaaaaaa. Ahhh. Too funny. I left the 'starry night' on my other hand as it was, but added a coat of Sally Hansen HD - LCD, this combination is amazing. Do it, put it on and go look at it in the sun! I'd take a picture to show you, but it's been a rainy miserable day here on the island!

Speaking of miserable, my nose has been running like a leaky faucet since I woke up, and now I have the hiccups :( I'm going to go cuddle Cow and make some tea. Maybe even study? nah probably not. I have a lot of crochet-related posts coming up, and I'm going to figure out how to make a little catnip mouse for my kitty! She deserves it, now that October has rolled around she isn't in heat anymore! This means she's been the most well behaved little kitty in town.

Although... waking me up at 6:30 this am by meowing in my ear and knocking stuff off my dresser, just because she was hungry, was probably the wrong idea. I was pretty grumpy.

Well, I hope you liked my pictures! I'll probably throw in a picture of my nails with each of my upcoming posts-- for now I'm going to go be sad and sooky and sick.

Be talking to you!


  1. These owls look great! I love the "starry night" background you gave them. What a nice twist :D

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