Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I am back online!

After several months I can finally write posts again! My laptop cord broke, and my laptop battery won't charge at all, so I've been computerless. I was using my boyfriend's tiny netbook, but didn't want to clog it up with my photos of food and cats and crochet and whatnot. So, I waited. His netbook also kicked the bucket. Thankfully, my kind friend Jeff offered to have me buy his laptop cord from him, so I can write school papers! (and blogs more importantly ;))
No. Not more importantly. School first! Play later!
Thank goodness I have a week off soon, so that I can blog all I want! haha!

I have a lot of back logged posts, and I'm hoping that pretty soon I'll be able to build more readers. I have a lot to say, but not many people are reading it!

So watch out-- soon I'll be blogging it up old lady style. I've been doing a lot of crocheting, and cooking, and nail painting! And, I'm going to share it-- soon.

As soon as I get home from school that is :)

Be talking to you~

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