Sunday, 19 June 2011

emma likes houses

well at least, i like living in them.

Dear Landlords of the city:
Why don't you want me to have a pet?
Cowey is the tiniest, cutest, least destructive cat ever. Well, i mean she does knock everything off of tables and dressers and counters and break them, but those are my things! not yours! She turns a year old next month, and she is still so itty bitty.

I mean, look at that face.

I like cats. I like cats so much, that while I am looking for places to live and living with my boyfriend (because I am just too allergic to my own house) I keep going home to visit the kittens and take naps with them and cuddle and love them.

I didn't feel very bad about it while they were in heat, because man are they ever annoying.
But now, Peter has gone away to live with Laura in a new home, and Cowey and Mars are just hanging out all lonely like.

I want to bring her to me so that we may cuddle.
And once we have a real place to live, she can have another little catty friend belonging to my boy, and they will fall in love like us and it will be beautiful.

excuse me.
I really like cats, sometimes I sound crazier than I actually am.

But in all seriousness, finding a pet friendly house is nearly impossible! And when I do find my dream house, of course a desperate pregnant couple snatches it up from me.
seriously. if it wasn't for that, i'd have a place to live.

so today, i am making soup.
and i'll tell you all about it.

but  right now i have to go visit my kitty cat and remind her that she won't be lonely forever!

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  1. i hope you find a place soon <3
    who could say no to cow :(